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Product managers analyzing customer feedback data gathered through Zengage's free NPS surveys.

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NPS surveys made simple.


Actionable insights

Get a clear picture of your customer satisfaction with Zengage Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. Easily track customer sentiment trends and gather feedback to understand what's most important to your customers. Eliminate the guesswork of measuring the success of your business improvements and get actionable insights on where to focus your efforts to drive the most value.


Seamless integration

Zengage Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys embed seamlessly into your website with just a small amount of JavaScript. Simply send an ID to uniquely identify each user, and you'll be on your way to gaining valuable insights. The more information you send, the more in-depth your analysis will be. For example, by sending the user's role, you'll be able to see your overall NPS score as well as a breakout for each role. Start using Zengage NPS surveys today and take your customer insights to the next level.

Powerful and intuitive

Full suite of features to collect and analyze customer feedback


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Free Forever?

Why we offer a fully featured free version, and why we always will.

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Brand Awareness

When you use our free version, you display our Zengage logo, which builds our brand awareness and helps us acquire new customers, some of whom opt for the paid version.

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Grow Together

Our most valuable insights come from you, our customer. Our Free Forever tier allows us to build a world class product that includes both free and paid features. Some of our customers who start with the free tier later upgrade to the paid version as their needs grow.

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